bee on flower

An afternoon stroll through the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

random facts

People who habitually stay up late are, on average, more psychopathic than early risers. — Google Facts (@GoogleFacts) September 11, 2016

Sydney Storms

A moment between storms moving through Sydney allowed the sunlight to break through, illuminating the falling rain in a golden glow.  

One Foggy Morning

One foggy morning and some Photoshop later…. I give you Pier One as it arrived out of the fog

Waiting for Autumn

As the autumn chill starts to make it’s way through the air, so to the photographer waits for the impending change in the colour of the foliage….  

In the Countryside

We’ll take the road out to the countryside, my dear. Where the mountains go forever, and the birds are always near.


  A shot from last weekends photo shoot in Lithgow to promote the upcoming Ironfest 2015. Find out more about Ironfest at  

Ice Sheet

The rising tide as it spread across the rockshelf at Long Reef.