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  A visit to Somersby Falls after the recent rains. There was still plenty of water flow (more than I have seen). It was also a chance to test out the new merge to panorama functions in Lightroom CC. This was from 5 HiRes images taken on the Olympus E-M5markII.    

Hop, Skip and a Jump

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  Snowy River Crossing. The lowest point of the the Main Range circuit track is the confluence (meeting) of the Snowy River and Club Lake Creek. The walking track uses stones in the river to try to get across with dry feet. Since the track crosses just above the confluence there is an ‘island’ halfway across.

The Breakaways

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About 30kms north of Coober Pedy in South Australia is the Breakaways Conservation Reserve, consisting of colourful low hills which have broken away from the Stuart Range and the stony gibber desert. As you pass through the Mesas you can go along the dog fence track and return to Coober Pedy by the Oodnadatta Track. The site is significant for … Read More

Belinda K

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The “Belinda K” just before sunset when the fisherman turned up to ruin my shot by parking his refrigerated ute right in the middle of the shot.   Woy Woy, NSW