A 30 day snapshot

Thanks for keeping an eye on me Google! I'm home after 5 weeks on the road….. not looking forward to work on tuesday… there's more ground to cover! #travel   #seeaustralia   #australia   #5wksontheroad   #blog   View this post on Google+


Lake Hart, South Australia Lake Hart, when full, covers an area of around 16,000 hectares. It is just west of Woomera and was one of the target areas used when they were doing weapon testing there. Lake Hart's importance as a salt deposit first came in 1918 when surveyors investigated its entire area. They estimated the  yield as three million tons, …

Belinda K

The “Belinda K” just before sunset when the fisherman turned up to ruin my shot by parking his refrigerated ute right in the middle of the shot.   Woy Woy, NSW  


by Ad Long a few more shots from the #Hidden  Sculpture Walk at Rookwood Cemetery. more info: http://goo.gl/iykHqS  #sculpture   #sydney   #cemetery   #blog   In album Hidden 2013 View this post on Google+

Over George

Lake George, NSW A small side trip along a dirt road when heading home from an afternoon at Floriade in Canberra today. #nsw   #seeaustralia   #visitnsw   #lake   #landscapephotography   #blog   View this post on Google+


Sydney Olympic Park A viewing platform over a wetland area near the Water Recycling and Management System of Wentworth Common. #Sydney +Sydney+Close2Home curated by +Brett Sivits +David Pond +Pia Raben +Shaun Stewart +José Juan Escudero +Howard Weitzel +john adams #close2home #blog   View this post on Google+