Belinda K

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The “Belinda K” just before sunset when the fisherman turned up to ruin my shot by parking his refrigerated ute right in the middle of the shot.   Woy Woy, NSW  



I were hoping for a little extra colour in the sky tonight, what with the plumes of smoke due to the fires in the west of Sydney, and the howling wind…. there wasn't a lot….. so this will do… the unit on the other hand smells like a bushfire thanks to open windows….. hope all those in the west are … Read More

"Enjoying the Moment"


Sometimes we are so busy getting the "shot" we miss the moment and the enjoyment of just sitting and watching…. I didn't take many shots tonight as the sun was setting, instead I sat beside the river with a nice bottle of beer and just soaked it all up…… #tgif #sunset This post has been reshared 1 times on Google+ … Read More