It was an early morning grocery shop in Alice Springs to get supplies and then out to the airport to pick up Ana, Josie and Jason….

After a repack of the car so that everything fitted we were off….

Standley Chasm was our first stop, if only to stretch our legs, before we stopped at Ellery Creek Big Hole.

Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ellery Creek Big Hole

A spectacular waterhole fed by the mighty Ellery Creek. This dependable tributary of the Finke River cuts through a gorge in the MacDonnell Ranges.  Over the millennia, massive floods have carved out this beautiful waterhole and unlocked some amazing geology.

The Aboriginal name for Ellery Big Hole is Udepata. The permanent water made it a special meeting place for the Arrernte people on the fish and honey ant dreaming trails.

It was here that our original plan changed…… Originally we were to continue along the Namatjira Drive / Red Centre Way all the way to Kings Canyon. We knew there was a section of some 145km+ of dirt, we were prepared for that, but during a lunch discussion with other travellers we discovered the condition of the road was not that great, and that you also needed a permit to travel it (we didn’t have one)…. so we backtracked and ended up covering much more ground than originally planned in order to make it to Kings Canyon.




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